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    World's Foremost Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
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Introduction Uniqolabel Histroy for Company

Counterfeiting is a major problem faced by companies and brands world over. Revenue and profit loses caused by counterfeiting ranks highest among all reasons. While various methods are available to stem counterfeiting, none have been able to really able to stem counterfeiting.
UNIQOLABEL is a new age modern solution that ties in newest technological advancements in a simple way providing an effective way to counter counterfeiting.Uniqolabel is a multi layered patented technology which provides true protection against counterfeiting. It is a combination of a highly secure 3D imagery, verifiable In-App using proprietary technology, a randomly generated always unique fingerprint printed as a 2d code and a natural entropy based irreproducible pattern ingrained in the label. Uniqolabel can be integrated on a product or into packaging. Once applied all features of the Uniqolabel are completely verifiable using cutting edge computer vision and machine learning technology included in the Uniqolabel Mobile Application via a smart phone or a similar device. Only on verification of all elements the label is classified as genuine making it completely impractical for counterfeiters to copy.