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    Welcome to UNIQOLABEL
    World's Foremost Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
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    Product Authentication
    & Anti Counterfeiting Suite
    Loyalty Schemes For End Users
    & Influencers
    Rewards Management
    Warranty Verification
    Track & Trace

Uniqolabel Rewards & Gifts Use Uniqolabel App

Uniqolabel Technology can also be used for enabling cosumer loyalty and gifts for rewarding your customers with points, paytm cash, white goods. Uniqolabel has a complete suite to help you create and manage your loyalty program. The loyalty program also includes a fully funtional IOS & Android loyalty app which can be rebranded in your name.

Uniqolabel is a multi layered pateneted technology which provides true protection against counterfeiting. It is a combination of highly secure tamper evident 3D imagery , verifiable in-app using proprietary technology , a randomnly generated always unique fingerprint printed as a 2D code. Uniqolabel can be integrated on a product or into packaging, Once applied all features of Uniqolabel are completely verifiable using cutting edge technology included in the Uniqolabel application via a smart phone or a similart device. Only on verification if all elements the label is classified as a genuine making it completely impractical for coiunterfeiters to copy. Uniqolabel Secure verification is available via Uniqolabel App, Uniqolabel Powered White Labeled App, Uniqolabel SDK. Brands can enroll the users that scan the Uniqolabel Secure into a lucky draw program and delight them with gifts.

Step 1 Work Flow Download & User Register

Go to the Play Store or App Store and Search Uniqolabel, Download the Uniqolabel App, It's a Free App. Open the App and Register User by giving Name and Mobile Number, Once Mobile Number Verified Through OTP or Truecaller. App is Ready for Scan the label and Get Rewards.

Step 2 Work Flow Verify The Product & Earn Points

Now App is Ready For Check the Genuinity And Earn Rewards, Find Correct Uniqolabel on Your Coupon, Click the Scan me Button to Scan the QR Code and Put Security Scratch Code and Give the Submit Button, Immediately you will Receive Product Information and Rewards By Points, If the Product is Not a Genuine You will Get Message Product May not be Genuine Please Call Customer Care Immediately. +91 9845126120

Step 3 Work Flow Redeem Points to Money or Gifts

Now Click the Rewards Button to Check Your Earned Points and Histry, Click the Redeem Button to Redeem the Points, Uniqolabel is Full Option to Convert the Points to PAYTM, UPI Account and Gifts

Application & Uses Products & Documentations

Uniqolabel can be used on all consumer products facing counterfeiting and also on University, Government Certificates. Application is for All Products & Documentations that need complete security & can be Authenticate Originals.

Uniqolabel also can use for

1 Product Seal
2 Tampering Eveident
3 Material Warranty
4 Tracking the Goods
5 Cunsumer Loyalty
6 Consumer Gifts and Rewards

Material and Specification

Uniqolabel Secure is Based on Paper Label With Scratch, It is Combination of a Highly Secure Verifiable Randomly Generated Always Unique 2D QR Code, Data Matrix Code, Label Serial Number, and Variable Scratch Code. It is Availabel on Paper Adhesive Stickers & Labels. Label Size is Start From 13mmx28mm To 150mmx350mm In Between Any Size You Can Take.


Uniqolabel Cost & Price is Depand on Label Size, and Quantity You Are Purchasing and Base Material and Surface you are Putting the Label, Please Call Our Executive Now and Eliminate Fake Product From Market, Gain Your Revenues, and Brand Promotion.