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Fixed QR Label Use Any QR Scanner App

Fixed QR Code is highly secure tamper evident 3D imagery with a fixed 2D Code having static data like a brand’s webiste or any other data. The label can be scanned using any generic QR Code scanner which then takes the use to the brand’s website . On the website the user could be shown some related information or he can verify the serial number printed on the label to verify the product. The serial number verification can be enabled using Uniqolabel provided widget which can be seamlessly and easily included on your website.

Step 1 Work Flow Scan the QR Code

Open Any QR Scanner and Scan the QR Code on the Label You Are Purchased, or You Can Search Online QR Scanner in Chrome or any Browser. As Soon as Scan the Fixed QR Code It will Redirect and Open a Web URL, or It Will Show Like Picture 2, It Will Show the QR Code Data inside you have to Click on the Open URL, If Click open URL Same It will Redirect to a Web URL and Inside Clearly Showed How to Verify Your Label Like Picture 3.,

Step 2 Work Flow Get Verify Result

Now It's Ready For Verify the Label, Please Find Variable Serial Number on the Label, and Enter the Serial Number as Shown Picture 4 and Click the Verify Button, As Soon as Clicked the Button It will Show the Result of Your Product, If It is Genuine It will Show Genuine Message or Customize Message, Like Thanks For Buying an Original Product. If Product is Fake It will Show Fake Message ( Customize)

Application & Uses Products & Documentations

Fixed QR Label Can be used by brands that want to drive traffic to their website and provide additional information to end users, and Brand Security.

Fixed QR Label also can use for

1 Product Seal
2 Tampering Eveident
3 Material Warranty
4 Tracking the Goods
5 Cunsumer Loyalty
6 Consumer Gifts and Rewards

Material and Specification

Fixed QR Label is Based on Holographic Etching Label, It is Combination of a Highly Secure Verifiable 3D Imagery, and Fixed Standard 2D QR Code and Variable Serial Number, It is Availabel on Both Holographic Etching Label Which Can Use for Tamper and Non Tamer, and Normal Paper Adhesive Stickers & Labels. Label Size is Start From 15mmx25mm To 150mmx350mm In Between Any Size You Can Take.


Fixed QR Label Cost & Price is Depand on Label Size, and Quantity You Are Purchasing and Base Material and Surface you are Putting the Label, Please Call Our Executive Now and Eliminate Fake Product From Market, Gain Your Revenues, and Brand Promotion.