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    Welcome to UNIQOLABEL
    World's Foremost Brand Protection and Consumer Engagagement Technology
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    Product Authentication
    & Anti Counterfeiting Suite
    Loyalty Schemes For End Users
    & Influencers
    Rewards Management
    Warranty Verification
    Track & Trace

Verticals using Uniqolabel

1.77 Trillion Counterfeit Goods Sold in 2016
International Chamber of Commerce

Food and Beverages

Uniqolabel protects FMCG products ranging from personal hygiene to food products.


Uniqolabel provides fool proof protection against spurious pharma products so that lives are not at stake. Additionally Uniqolabel's track technology can be leaveraged to track products through supply chain


Around 30-40% auto components sold are fake. Uniqolabel not only provides counterfeit protetcion but can also help track products through supply chain.

Electronic & Electricals Appliances

Counterfeiting is highly prominent in Electronics Industry. Uniqolabel works with manufacturers ensuring complete protection of products.

Apparel & Lifestyle Products

Uniqolabel is being widely used in Apparel and Lifestyle industry. Brands are now able to enhance customer loyalty and eangagement using Uniqolabel.

Tools and Machinery

Tools and Machinery industry is widely affected by fake products and Uniqolabel ensures complete protection from fake products from manufacturing to end customer.

Agro & Products

To protect farmers, consumers and the environment, Uniqolabel is dedicated to ensuring fake products are not used in farming and agriculture.

Certificates and Documents

Faking of Certificates & Documents is a serious issue affecting not only private enterprises but even government organizations. Uniqolabel is in the forefront of providing anti counterfeit technology to protect certificates & documents.


Plywood & Allied Products

Plywood Brands profits have eroded by more than 40% due to fake products. Using Uniqolabel technology plywood players have been able to gain 100% of lost sales and profits

Great Features

Adding unique identity and protection to your products.

Unique Identity

Uniqolabel provides an unique, non-clonable identity for all your products on a non-tamper, holographic label.

Counterfeit Identification

Not Just protection against counterfeiting but immediate counerfeit identification and reporting.


Uniqolabel's consumer facing mobile application provides quickest and easiest method of verifying product authenticity.


Uniqolabel is a global system so rest assured your products are safe not just in your region but globally.

Technologically Advanced

We use the latest of mobile, machine learning, computer vision, blockchain, infrastructure and cryptography making Uniqolabel one of the most advanced systems.

Real Time

Uniqolabel is a real time system so any counterfeiter identified can be tracked and reported instantly.

How to Verify Uniqolabel..

Download The Uniqolabel App On Your Mobile

Go to Play Store or App Store Enter Uniqolabel, and Download the Uniqolabel App, or click below button to download the App

Download App now

User Registration

As Soon as open the app it will ask your name, and mobile no, after give the name and number click the next button to verify your Mobile number using One Time Password (OTP), After Mobile verified successfully it will go to scan screen

Scan The Uniqolabel QR Code That Pasted On The Product

After User Registration App Will Show The Scan Screen, Scan The Uniqolabel With QR Code That Pasted On The Product

How to Check The Genuinity of Product

After Scan the Label It will show Like Below image

UNIQOLABEL takes the fizz out of your counterfeiters

What Our Customers Say...

Our Customers love us for we help them not only remove fakes but enhance consumer loyalty and multiply sales and profits!

" Our Production & sales are up, i am extremely happy with Uniqolabel "

Jimi Bloggs KITPLY / Rajashekar, Sales Head

" Great Technology, We are using it to enable verification of our product authenticity and we have seen our sales increase by 50% "

Jimi Bloggs ROBERT. M.J/ CMD, Clumaxx Technologies

"We were having huge counterfeiting issues and had lost a huge customer base but now with Uniqolabel we have been able to gain customer confidence and wipe out fakes from the market "

Adele Bloggs SECO / Chirag,DGM

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